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Enable Abandoned Cart Recovery to Elevate Conversions

Abandoned Cart Recovery Flow

In the dynamic world of e-commerce, abandoned carts are the missed opportunities every marketer strives to recover. Join us as we unveil the magic of automated SMS and WhatsApp reminders – the key to unlocking this unrealized revenue and supercharging your conversion rates!

Why are Abandoned Cart Recovery Flows Essential?

Conversion Boost: Statistics show that the abandoned cart rate for online purchases is approximately 70%, so recovering abandoned carts can increase conversions significantly.

Revenue Recovery: Effective recovery flows are shown to be 10x the revenue of a business making them a profit-driving strategy.

Customer Engagement: Personalized reminders increase open rates, strengthening customer relationships and boosting engagement.

Competitive Retention: Effective recovery flows help build trust and retain customers, fostering long-term relationships.

How to Enable Abandoned Cart Recovery Automation?

Our user-friendly flow lets you send personalized text messages to subscribers shortly after they abandon their checkout, encouraging them to return and complete their purchase.

With ConvertWay you can enable Cart Recovery automation via SMS or WhatsApp

To enable Automation go to Flows > Abandoned Cart Recovery > SMS/WhatsApp

Enable Automation

Step 1: Enable the trigger

Step 1.1: Setting a Minimum Cart Value

To trigger an Abandoned Cart notification, specify a Minimum Cart Value below which the alert will not be triggered.

For example, if you set the minimum order value at $100, customers who have added items below $100 will not be notified with an abandoned cart order. On the other hand, if the customer has added items worth more than $100 and abandons the cart they will be sent an alert.

Minimum Cart Value

Note: For WhatsApp, you can also enable UTM tracking to track the sources of your website traffic and the performance of your Cart Recovery Notifications by specifying the UTM parameters- utm_source, utm_medium, and utm_campaign

Enable UTM Tracking
UTM Parameters

Step 2: Define the Condition

Step 2.1: Setup Delay

Now, define when you want to send the automation to your customers. This is calculated from the time when the cart was abandoned.

Set up Delay

Step 3: Creating the First Follow-up (WhatsApp/SMS)

Step 3.1: Selecting the right template

Enable the first follow-up and set it up by browsing through the templates in the Templates field.

Enable the First Follow-up

Choose among the pre-set templates under the Browse field

Pre-set Templates

Otherwise, you can create your own by: Templates > WhatsApp/SMS > Add Template

Customize Templates

Note: You need to have an approved WhatsApp Business Account to customize your own templates

* Indian users can customize templates by: Templates > SMS > Add Template > Add Sender ID > Add Template in Templates section.
* Non-Indian users can simply customize templates in the flow itself.

You can select a template with the discount or without discount .

If you choose one with the discount variable you will have to specify either the discount value or discount code under the {discount_value}
and {discount_code} fields.

Step 3.2: Add a Product Image (WhatsApp)

Now, add a product image if you want to send one with your recovery reminder on WhatsApp by choosing a template with the product image option.

For adding a dynamic product image to your message, choose the Product Image option, and our system will automatically send a picture of the product your customer left in their cart with the message.

Note: If there are multiple products in the abandoned cart, we'll randomly select and send an image of one of them.

If you want a static image you can upload your image by choosing the Add Image option.

Step 3.3: Select who you want to send notifications to (WhatsApp/SMS)

Finally, select whom you want to send the notification to. With ConvertWay you can send notifications to your customers and simultaneously to yourself by enabling Notify Admin.

Personalize Templates

* Note: The number can be configured in the settings: Settings > Profile > Enter the Details

Number Configuration

Step 4: Creating the Next Follow-up

The flow ends once the customer places their order, but in case they haven't, we've got two more engaging follow-up texts all set to go!

Select the time after which the shopper receives the second follow-up, this time is calculated after the first follow-up in the Delay field.

For example, after the first follow-up, we specify a period say 10 hours during which the customer should have placed their order if they haven’t then they receive the second follow-up and if they don't checkout even after the second flow for the stipulated time then a third follow up is sent.

However, if the customer makes the purchase after the first or second follow-ups the next ones aren't sent even if enabled.

Note: The time you choose is calculated from the time when the cart was abandoned, say you schedule the second follow-up at 10 hours then the customer will receive the follow-up 10 hours after cart abandonment.

Set up Delay

Step 4.2: Sending the follow-ups strategically

Send these follow-ups strategically by selecting the Time and Template.

You have the flexibility to rearrange the follow-ups without any hassle.

For instance, if you prefer the sequence of second, first, then third, you can achieve this by adjusting the timings accordingly: the first one after 10 hours of cart abandonment, the second in 30 minutes, and the third after 72 hours of cart abandonment.

You can also disable a follow-up if you don't want to send it and send another follow-up directly after the previous one that too in any order.

Step 5: Analyze Your Performance

Want to know how effective your Abandoned Cart Recovery messages are? With ConvertWay you can do it in just 1 single step!

Step 5.1: Check the number of Abandoned Carts your follow-ups recovered

To check the performance of your Abandoned Cart Recovery Flow go to Analytics > Abandon cart

The Abandon Cart Analytics displays the following information:

Total Order Recovered: This is the number of orders placed by repeat customers after the Customer Winback messages.

Amount Recovered: This is the total sum of the order value of orders placed by repeat customers after the Customer Winback messages.

Messages Sent: This is the total number of notifications sent for Cart Recovery.

Order Logs: This gives detailed information for the Orders recovered, including Order ID, Customer Name, Cart Value, and Abandoned Date.

Abandoned Cart Analysis

Start your Abandoned Cart Recovery journey with ConvertWay now and watch your sales soar!

Updated on: 18/12/2023

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