Verify Cash on Delivery orders With the ConvertWay's SMS & WhatsApp Automation

COD confirmation Flow

COD confirmation is an automation for Both SMS & whatsApp channel , which will help merchants to avoids any risk associated to Cash on delivery (COD) orders , Like accidental order by customers, or any fraud like faulty contact numbers etc can be easily resolved .

With Our COD confirmation Flow you can get the confirmation of Cash on delivery orders Via SMS & WhatsApp & we will add Respective Tag in the shopify's orders.

Note : 1. This automation is for orders where payment method is COD ( Cash On Delivery)
2. The automation is triggered , when the COD order is created in Shopify .
3 Tags (COD -confirmed / Cancelled ) are added in shopify orders whenever end customers confirms/cancels order .

Here's how you can enable this automation

Go to Flows Tab in the Convertway App & select WhatsApp or SMS COD confirmation as shown Below

The detailed form will open , In case of WhatsApp Flow - the confirmation is taken via selection of buttons like - confirm my order & cancel my order & as per the response selected by end customer , merchants can send customize reply for the actions .

In case of SMS automation - we send a SMS to the End customer with a confirmation link - where user can confirm or cancel the order .
as per the responses selected an automated message will be sent to customer.

In SMS & WhatsApp Automation - Merchant can enable Follow Up 1 and if they want to remind customers for submission of response they can enable follow Up 2 . We recommend to enable follow up 2 , as the reminder message will only be sent if the end customer has not submitted response in the first follow up .

COD - WhatsApp FLow

COD - SMS Flow

Once the End Customer has submitted response ( confirmed / Cancelled Order ) we will Add the TAG in the Shopify Orders ,
COD Confirmed

Tags added  shown  in Shopify's Order

6 . You can check the analytics in the Analytics Tab , COD Analytics Section the details provided in this section are
Messages Sent (including Followup 1 & 2 if enabled )
COD Order Confirmed - The count of Orders Confirmed by customers
COD Amount confirmed : sum of order amount of COD confirmed orders
COD cancelled : The count of orders Cancelled by customers
also we provide a list of the customers who have confirmed /**cancelled order** , customer name & shopify order ID .

Analytics - COD confirmation

Updated on: 10/08/2022

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