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Steps to Enable the Start Verification Button

Can’t see the “Start Verification button” for Facebook Business Verification? Or is it greyed out?
Whether it’s the former or the latter, the below-mentioned steps will help you in solving this common issue. So, scroll down!

1. Visit the Facebook Business Security Center

2.Attach Facebook Page with Business Manager Account
To attach your Facebook Page to your Business Manager Account, add your business's Facebook Page in the 'Pages' section.
Choose a Page for which you're currently an admin. If you've set up a Page, skip to the next step.

3. Click on the "Apps" Button on the Left Column

To add an app, go to the 'Apps' section and click on the 'Add' button.
If you're unable to access the 'Create a new App ID' button, hover the cursor over it and click on the 'Confirm Account' button to unlock it. This action will open a new tab.

4. Confirm your Account
After clicking the '**Confirm Account**' button, press '**Continue**' to proceed.

On the next screen, you need to confirm your email ID and check the '**I agree**' box.

Add your** business email ID** to receive communication from the Facebook team.
Finally, select the option that best describes you, such as "**Owner & Founder**," and press "**Complete Registration**."

5. Now, Create App
You'll be redirected to a new page.
Click on the 'Create App' button, as shown in the image to the left, and follow the next step.

6. Choose App
Next, select the app type that best suits your business.
We recommend selecting 'Business.' After selecting the app type, click '**Next**.'

7. Add Business Display Name
Enter your Business Display name in this step.
Note: This isn't your Business's final Display Name, but rather the app name associated with your App ID.
After adding your Business Display name and email address, click '**Create App**.' You'll be prompted to enter your Facebook Password, after which you'll be redirected to another screen.

8. Choose 'App Review' & click 'Permissions and Features'

9.Search Live Video API & Select "Request Advanced Access"
Now, Select '**Continue the request**' as shown in the image to the right.

10. Scroll down & Click on "Review App Settings"
11. Fill the Details

After creating the app, you'll be prompted to fill out some fields to submit your application.
You can skip adding your website icon in this form.
In the Privacy Policy URL field, add your website URL as shown in the image on the right.
For the app category, select 'Business and Pages.'
Finally, click 'Save' and submit.

12. Visit Basic Settings & Add App Icon
Click on settings & select 'Basic'.
In the Basic Settings section, scroll down and upload your App Icon.
Note: Any app icon can be used, as long as it meets the size requirements of between 512x512 to 1024x1024 pixels.
You can change the app icon at a later time if needed.
13. Select the Platform & Add your Website URL
Now, choose 'Add platform', Select 'Website' & Press 'Next'.
Add your Website URL and click on "Saved Changes"
14. Click on 'Requests' under App Review
15. Quickly Click on Edit under App Review Request
16. Scroll down & click on 'Provide Verification Details'
17.Now, Add a Unique One Liner about your Company & 'Save'
18. Select the field labeled 'Provide verification details'
19. Add your Business Information
Paste your business description and upload a brief (10-second) video as a demo. The video doesn't have to be relevant to your business, but ensure it's short enough to upload quickly.
Then, check the '**If Approved**' section and click '**Save.'**
20. Click 'Submit for Review'
Finally, on the next screen, click 'Submit for review.' You'll be prompted to enter your Facebook password. Once confirmed, click '**Submit.**'

Go back to the ‘**'Facebook Business Security Settings**' and you will see that the Start Verification Button is visible and clickable.

Now, head to Easy Steps to Verify Facebook Business Manager Account.

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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