Easy Steps to verify Facebook Business Manager Account

Wondering about how to authenticate your Facebook Business Manager Account? Let’s take you through the steps for doing so-

**Documents Required for Verifying your Facebook Business Account**

Legal details: Business name, address, and contact information.
Submit a document with the legal name and address of the business, preferably a GST or bank account statement.
Include the exact legal business name (as cited in the documents) on the footer of your business website.
Show proof of access to the business with an official business email (same domain as the website).
Ensure clear, color images of the whole document are provided.

**5 Easy Steps to Verify Facebook Business Manager Account**

1. Go to the Facebook Business Manager Page
-Access the Facebook Business Manager by clicking here. This will open a new tab on your Facebook Business Account.

2. Select a Facebook Business Manager Account or Create a One
a) If you have a business manager account, select the account where you wish to receive your WhatsApp Business API. In case, you have a single Facebook Business Manager Account, the business settings will automatically open.

b) Click here to create a Facebook business account

3. Now, Go to Security Centre & Click Start Verification Button
Navigate to the 'Security Center' Page in Facebook Business Settings. Please refer to the image below to locate it.

Once you have accessed the security settings, click on 'Start Verification'.

4. Click on “Get Started” & Fill in the Below mentioned Details-

Locate the** 'Start Verification' button, click on it, and then select 'Get started' on the subsequent screen, as shown in the image below.

Important Details to be Filled-
a) Select Country
Choose the country where your business is primarily based.
b) Fill Organization Details
Fill in your organization's details accurately.
Use the exact name and address mentioned in your legal document.
Avoid using a different address as it may hinder your approval from Facebook.
Only mention the location of your business in the address row.
Include the city, state, and pin code in separate fields.
Enter the town, state, and pin code in the next row.
Provide a phone number, which doesn't need to be your WhatsApp Business API number.
Add the URL of your business website that includes the legal name on the footer. Facebook will verify the connection between your business and its legal name via the website.

c) Choose your company or click 'Organization not listed
After submitting all the required details, Facebook conducts searches to find companies that match the entered information.

Select the company that matches the details of your business precisely.

If your organization is not listed, select 'Organization not listed,' and proceed to the next step. It's necessary to have your business phone number for verification purposes.

Note- If your business was not listed in the previous step, upload supporting documents to verify your business. To avoid confusion, upload the same document in both places.

5. Select a Contact Method & Verify it with the Sent Code
Use your official business email for verification, or choose phone or text verification if you don't have one.

Now, Verify the code sent to your email or enter the OTP sent via text or phone.

**What’s Next- Know How to Apply for WhatsApp Business API Account**

Just take a look at the Process for Applying for a Whatsapp Business API account via The ConvertWay. And, Voila, you are all set!

**Frequently Asked Questions**

Q. What's Facebook Business Manager?
A. Facebook Business Manager is a useful tool for all businesses. From managing multiple Facebook pages to ad accounts, you can do it all in one place through FBM.

Q. What if the Start Verification button is disabled?
A. You can easily activate it by following the below steps-
Create an app for Facebook Business Manager
Click here and select "Get started" or "My apps" from the Menu.
Now, Click the "Create App button".
Lastly, go back to the verification page and refresh. The "Start verification button" will be activated.

Q. Why did Facebook reject my Business account verification?
A. Some of the common reasons for Facebook rejecting your account are-
Your address on Legal Name Document & Address Proof Document are different
Your Business legal name is not mentioned on the website
You didn't use your Business Email address during the verification

Q. How many days does Facebook business verification take?
Facebook business verification takes around 2 to 3 days.

Q. Why is Facebook business manager verification necessary?
Facebook business manager verification is necessary as you need it to get WhatsApp Business API Approval.

Updated on: 01/06/2023

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