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How to configure and add Whatsapp chat widget on your online store with TheConvertWay

Chat Widget Overview : By enabling chat Widget, a selected icon widget will be shown on your Shopify store. This icon will appear on all pages of your shopify store hence the customer can connect on the WhatsApp Number directly for any query .

Steps To enable Chat Widget

Go to settings then click Chat widget section from Main menu.

Enter your WhatsApp Number (messages sent by user will go to this number), click Enable & Scroll Save. Check the changes on your store by clicking Preview Changes Button .
If you wish to disable the widget anytime, click on disable and save. Widget will be removed from store.
To change Mobile Number, enter the new mobile number in the "**Add Whatsapp number"** field and save. New number will be updated.

You can customize the colour of the chat icon from the settings (refer image below)

You can customize chat Box from the settings, like - Brand Logo, Brand name, Welcome text, Predefined Queries, and Colour theme of chat box. Refer the image to know the settings.

Updated on: 13/06/2022

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