Enable Abandoned Cart Recovery Flow to drive Conversion

Abandoned Cart Recovery Flow

Abandoned Cart refers to when a Potential Customer add products to their online shopping cart but leaves the website/page before finishing the purchase. Automated abandoned cart reminders via SMS or Whatsapp are then sent to these customers, with the aim to bring back interest of such leaving customers and get them to complete the purchase.

Why Abandoned Cart Recovery Flows are Must Have ?

Statistics show that on an average abandoned cart rate for online purchases is around 70%, hence converting them can have a huge impact on an ecommerce business.
Abandoncart Recovery notifications have the potential to 10x the revenue of a business
Abandoncart Notifications are not just reminders for recent Web search but also helps in re-engaging the customers and help recover customers lost due to abandoned cart

How to Enable Abandoned Cart Recovery Automation?

You can enable Cart Recovery automation via SMS or Whatsapp
To enable Automation go to Flows -> Abandoned Cart Recovery -> SMS/Whatsapp

Enabling Abandoned Cart Recovery Flow
Enabling this automation requires you to Select and Save the following mandatory fields
Notify Admin/Customer: You not only have the option to send notifications to your customers but also can simultaneously send alerts to your or your team’s number by enabling “Notify Admin”. This can be configured in the settings.
Status: This field defines if your current Followup or Current Automation is enabled or not.
Timing: Define the timing when you want to send the automation to your customers. This is calculated from the time when the Cart was left abandoned.

Abandoned Cart Recovery Parameters
Minimum Cart Value: It defines the minimum sum of the order value below which the Abandoncart alert will not be triggered

Min. Cart Value

You also have the option to send Followup for recovering your Abandoned Carts by strategically selecting the Time and Template, that will be sent after the previous followups. You can another two followups apart from First Notification

Abandoned Cart Recovery Followups

In order to check the reports for your Abandoned Cart's Recovery go to Analytics → Abandoncart Analytics (as shown below)

Abandoned Cart Recovery Analytics
The image added above shows the following data:
- Order Recovered shows number of orders that were recovered after the cart recovery notifications were sent
- Amount Recovered represents the total sum of the Order value for the orders that were recovered
- Messages Sent shows the total number of notifications sent for Cart Recovery
- Order Logs below shows the detailed information for the Orders recovered this includes Order ID, Customer Name, Cart Value, Abandoned Date

Updated on: 08/09/2022

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