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SMS Notifications FAQs

SMS Notifications FAQs

1. What is the character limit for SMS text messages?

1 SMS unit for normal text messages is of 160 characters, and for unicode the limit is 70 characters. More than 160 characters will count as multiple message units and each unit consisting of 153 characters.Likewise message more than 70 characters with Unicode Characters will count as multiple message units, then each unit consisting of 67 characters.

2. What are average open and read rates for SMS?

SMS has incomparable open and read rates: A 98% open rate and a 90% read rate within the first three minutes. It is because of these numbers that make SMS a must have marketing tool.

3. What all languages do you support sending SMS in ?

We support sending SMS in all text-based languages, including English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Arabic, and more.

3. Can I send promotional message to my customers?
Yes you can send promotional messages to your customers. You can also filter out customers on the basis of certain parameters.
And if you are Shopify customer by default all your Shopify segments can be imported and you can send bulk SMS to them.
However there are certain guidelines that should follow like:-
You should have opt-ins.
Customers can easily opt out with Unsubscribe link or via replying STOP or Unsubscribe
Do not send promotional messages during odd hours.
Message frequency should not be more than 5 messages a week

4. What kind of notifications I can send using The ConvertWay?

You can send all types of notification to your customers. For example
Orderly Alerts, Shipping Alerts, Welcome series, Discount alerts, Product back in stock, New arrivals alert, Back in stock alerts etc

5. Can we see the customer replies on the notifications served?

Yes you can see the customer replies and can also reply back to the customers in case its required, but this feature is not available in the free plan.

6. How customers can opt out of the notifications?

You have the option to either include the unsubscribe link or customers can simply reply Stop or Opt Out

7. What are the best practices to be followed while sending out SMS notifications to the customers?
Please follow this link for detailed information.

8. Can I send multimedia messages (MMS) as well?
Currently you cannot send MMS via our app, but we are working on it and it should be live soon.

Updated on: 09/06/2022

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