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Integrate NitroX with The ConvertWay

Integration of NitroX "(SuperAcquire ‑ Grow Revenue)” with The ConvertWay just got easy .

Follow the Below mentioned Steps :
Steps To do in "SuperAcquire ‑ Grow Revenue"
Go to the integration page in "SuperAcquire ‑ Grow Revenue"
Select "Integration with ConvertWay app"
Enable the Event section and Enter the Licence Key Mentioned in "The Convertway" & Install.

Steps to find "The Convertway's Licence key"-->Setting--->Profile-->Licence Key

After integration successful completed, In convertway app, integration Status will be autoupdated to Active Status.
The identified contacts from Nitro integration will be autosynced in the Nitro list.

You can utlize this list for sending SMS / Whatsapp Campaigns in campaign sections as shown.

Updated on: 08/07/2024

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