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Integrate Klaviyo List with The ConvertWay

Integration of Klaviyo with The ConvertWay just got easy .

With this integration , you will be able to add List from Klaviyo Account , and then can be used for sending various SMS & Whatsapp Campaign .

Follow the Below mentioned Steps :

Go to the integration page in The ConvertWay app
Select the Klaviyo integration card , click "Klaviyo", as shown in image

Enter the API Keys Mentioned in Klaviyo account & Install.

How to get Klaviyo API key from Klaviyo Account .

4.1 Sign In to Klaviyo Go to Account < Settings Page as Shown in Image

4.2 Click on API key section , Check Private API Keys , if u have not generated API keys , click on Generate API keys , Then copy API keys and enter in The ConvertWay

Upon entering correct API keys , Select the list which you want to add to The ConvertWay App , upon enabling toggle the list will be added .

if u want to update the contacts of a list click on resync button as shown in List section of Shipway app .

you can utlize this list for sending SMS / Whatsapp Campaigns in campaign sections as shown .

Updated on: 09/06/2022

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