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Adding your customized SMS Templates (Indian Users Only)


With Add Template you can add your customized templates and you have the option to choose from the multiple templates while sending your Order Alerts and Cart Recovery Flows. Each template can be saved with separate Sender Name also referred to as Sender IDs so we can send any template with its own Sender ID.
You can add your templates in the Template Library by clicking on Settings → Templates → Add SMS Template

Add SMS Template
This article is only for Indian Users, who want to send customized Templates with their own Sender ID as approved under TRAI regulations


In order to add SMS template you need to first add your DLT approved Sender ID (not required if already added) corresponding to which customized Templates will be added. Please click here to know more about Add Sender ID
Complete journey to add your Customize Template
Please make sure to Add Template that is approved to that corresponding Sender ID in your DLT platform
You have to paste the exact content of the template approved. Adding, you can only change the variables in that template
After successfully adding Sender ID and its corresponding template, you will need to Choose Template which you want to send based on the category selected (more details below)

Everything you need to know about adding SMS Template !

In Order to Add SMS Template, you need to select the Category and Sub-Category. This will define for which notification you want to Add Template

Add SMS Template
For example: Say you want to add Shipping Confirmation template then you need to select category as Order Alerts and sub-category as Shipping Confirmation Similarly, if you want to add a template for Abandoncart then you need to select category as Flows and sub-category as Abandoncart
You can add a name to your template under the Template Name - this name is just for your reference
After defining the category, we need to add the corresponding Sender ID from the drop down, the Template and Template ID corresponding to the template
You can add the variables by choosing from the available variables corresponding to each template under the Click to Add Variables

Add the Content along with the Available Variables
You can check your template by hitting Test under the templates section
On confirming the proper working of template, you are required to then Choose Template for the Alert or Flow you have added.

Choose Template
Here by default ConvertWay’s Template is selected, you’re required to Select and Save your Customized template

Select and Save your Template

Updated on: 09/07/2024

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