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Complete guide on sending SMS Marketing Campaigns in India

Step by Step guide to send SMS Marketing Campaigns in India - The ConvertWay

Step 1. User have to first get their sender IDs approved

Follow the following link in order to register your Own Sender Id. Move to Step 2 if already done.

Step 2. Approve the template corresponding to the approved Sender Id

Consent Template Approval Jio

Step 3. Add Sender Id in The ConvertWay's settings

Goto Settings >> Sender Ids section and update your approved Sender Id

Sender Id in The ConvertWay

Step 4. Add the Promotional template & test it on your own phone numbers
Go-to SMS & Whatsapp Marketing >> Select SMS & test the campaign.

We strongly recommend to test the promotional messages on your own numbers, before sending it to the customer list.

Test Promotional SMS Template

Step 6. Filters the set of customers you want to send the promotional messages

There are some pre-built customer segmentation available inside the app, such as:-
High-intent Customers
VIP Customers
Discount looking customers
Abandoned checkouts in last 30 days customers
Custom who purchased more than once

Shopify Customer Segmentations

Step 7. Schedule the promotional campaign and Measure the results.

Measure the results

Best Practices to follow while sending out promotional SMS
High conversion templates for your SMS Marketing Campaigns

Updated on: 09/06/2022

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